First, let me thank you for downloading from ShareABlock. 🙏

There are only a few steps to use your downloaded .json file directly on your WordPress Gutenberg block editor. Follow the instructions below and you will be set in no time.

Install EditorsKit Plugin

ShareABlock won’t be possible if not for EditorsKit’s import and export features. Thus, it’s required for you to install this plugin. You can uninstall it anytime, but I encourage you to keep it and check its features. This will help you save time and improve your content creation workflow.

Navigate to Plugins > Add New and search for “EditorsKit”. Then, install and activate the plugin.

Install EditorsKit Plugin
Install and Activate EditorsKit Plugin

Drag & Drop Import to Gutenberg Block Editor

After plugin activation, you can go ahead and create a post or page. Make sure you’ve downloaded the .json file format, then just drag and drop the file to the editor. That’s it! It’ll automatically create the blocks. EditorsKit will do the magic with just a few whoosh! 🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️

Drag & Drop Import to Gutenberg Block Editor
Drag & Drop Import to Gutenberg Block Editor

Change the Content and Images

Make sure to change the text, images, and links after the blocks have been created.

That’s all

Done. You can now browse more blocks, sections, or even templates. Make sure that you’ve also read the info of your downloaded blocks. There might be additional instructions or other required plugins.

Jeffrey Carandang

About the author: Jeffrey Carandang is a PHP and JavaScript developer who has a dedication to help users with the new Gutenberg block editor for WordPress since its genesis. Follow on Twitter


  1. Thank you for creating this! My situation is that I started using WordPress for the first time about 18 Months ago and have exclusively used Elementor. The more that I learn the more I realize that a great deal of WordPress knowledge can be missed by using Elementor exclusively. I think it is important for me to learn the block editor and that sites built using it may perform better. I apologize for my newbie nature but getting a few questions answered would help me. For starters, how do I negotiate my page settings. It seems that the blocks I have downloaded her might be assuming different page settings for different blocks. When I tried to piece some together things don’t look right. I need a good deal of padding on the left and right as well as top and bottom. Should I use Full Width stretched, contained? Also, I remember that before the block editor Gutenberg was a plug-in and a page builder of sorts. Do I want to download that or is it the same as the default editor now?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance and again I appreciate this resource tremendously.

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