Anyone who uses EditorsKit plugin knows that one of my primary goals in creating this plugin is to help users get a little more comfortable with using the new WordPress Gutenberg block editor. I’m consistently collecting user feedback and adding more features to fulfill this goal.

Part of my plan to help is to provide set of tools for every new user, writer, designer, developer, and you.

I am excited to introduce the first tool powered by EditorsKit, ShareABlock.

ShareABlock provides ways for selected users to share Gutenberg block, section, and even template ideas to the world. These block designs will be available for free download to everyone.


The goal is to help users create Gutenberg block easily. With drag and drop import, layout and designs will be available in an instant. Users will just need to update the content and images or just change the colors to match the website’s branding.

I’m positive that having configured block designs and contents will help users to understand better the capabilities of each block on the editor. Even if it’s just a little help to make them comfortable with Gutenberg, it means a lot.


All blocks are available for free download to everyone. You can start using any or all of them on your website. Description and additional information are available on each block. You can also check how it will look like with the preview provided.

Though blocks are available to everyone, only selected few can share design ideas right now. I’ve asked several known folks who are active on Gutenberg to create and share their ideas. Anyone can apply as sharer but subject to checking and approval.


To download block designs, just go to the homepage and continue browsing to check the designs you want to download. Tutorial on how to use these blocks is provided on the download confirmation page.

To apply as sharer, check this instructions.

What’s next?

Raising awareness that tools like ShareABlock exists to help WordPress users is the next step. I hope you can help me in spreading the words. Sharing or tweeting this site to your friends and colleagues will be a huge help in starting the domino effect.

I hope ShareABlock will have a huge impact on helping every WordPress user. If you have any suggestions on how I can improve this brand new tool, please do not hesitate to let me know. You can contact me anytime via Twitter @phpbits. Thank you very much!

Introducing ShareABlock: Brand New Way to Share and Download Free Gutenberg Block & Template Designs

Jeffrey Carandang

About the author: Jeffrey Carandang is a PHP and JavaScript developer who has a dedication to help users with the new Gutenberg block editor for WordPress since its genesis. Follow on Twitter


    1. Thanks Gaurav! I’m glad you find ShareABlock useful and promising. This will definitely help every users, specially content builders. That’s why it’s very important to spread the news that tools like ShareABlock exists in order to help them with Gutenberg block editor. Thanks again and I hope you can share some designs as well 🙂

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